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Sometimes in life
there are
no answers until 
we lived a question 
long enough to see it.

-- jose chaves


guide you in finding your answers or help you accept...

... that sometimes there are no immediate answers in life. And that's okay; we can still find happiness and love life as it is.

My journey has been long—over 15 years—filled with introspection, seeking inward, and embracing uncomfortable and vulnerable insights. It's been a journey of countless small and significant steps, some of them backward, all to propel me forward. Do I have all the answers? No. Have I reached my destination? No. (Is there even one?) Am I committed to continuing to unravel the depths of my being? Absolutely.

I offer my knowledge, my intuitive connection to the spirit world, my human experience, and a unique set of tools that can only be acquired and honed through inner work, personal transformation, and a great deal of patience and humility. I'm open to sharing all of this with you because it's an answer to one of my own questions. Thank you for visiting


Welcome to Energy Paintings.

Here, you have the opportunity to purchase one of my existing paintings

or order a custom piece tailored specifically to your energy.

These energy paintings are more than just art—they're exceptional pieces designed to resonate with and enhance your unique energy. Trust me when I say, they work wonders!

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