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Sometimes in life
there are
no answers until 
we lived a question 
long enough to see it.

-- jose chaves


guide you to find your answers or help you accept...

... that sometimes there are no answers at a given moment of your life. And that is alright, and we still can be happy & love life as it is.

It's been a long journey for me, a journey of more than 15 years looking inside, seeking inwards, years of uncomfortable and vulnerable insights. A journey of a billion of small and big steps, many of them being backwards only to help me move forward. Do I know everything? No. Have I reached my destination? No. (Is there one?). Am I willing to strive and unfold more to the core of my being? Yes.

I'm offering my knowledge, my intuitive connection to the spirit world, my human experience, a unique set of tools that one can only receive and develop through inner work, personal transformation, loads of patience and humbleness. I'm open to sharing this all with you just because this is an answer to one of my questions. Thank you for visiting


Welcome to a small gallery of my energy paintings. You can purchase one of the paintings

or order a new one which will be an exceptional energy piece, just for you.

Believe me these energy paintings work!

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