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Sun shining in a magical tree palm forest in Arizona

Learn about my approach and contact me to book a session.

Please note a session is not a substitute for a medical treatment.

Certain situations may require a medical referral. 

Sessions available in-person or online.

I speak English and Polish (and I can help you in German and Italian too).

My approach 

I believe in a holistic approach. Perceiving each one of us as a holistic one -- complete with body, soul, mind connected and balanced. In alignment with the higher purpose and one's authentic-self.


That’s why it’s so important -- when you are on your path -- to look into all elements including your energetic heart, chakra system, patterns and beliefs. Only looking into all of this, healing, embracing and perceiving yourself as the balanced whole/oneness, one can reach true awakening to the self. Because awakening it’s nothing different as understanding your whole being and this journey begins inside to be able to fully embrace the outside.

During work, we touch all the layers of your being to be able to see blockages, stuck energies, challenges, patterns, believes and behaviors. Of course, as always in the energy work I can go only as deep as there is permission from you. Sometimes you think that you are ready for inner work however your subconscious gives permission only for certain work to be accomplished. And this is what we call working layer after layer. It’s like peeling you off until we reach the depth.


I believe in a natural process, gentle and smooth, without forcing and manipulating to speed the process. Your body and inner authentic-self know how much is ready to be released so you know how far you can and want to go. And I’m only a channel opening up the space for your process and transformation, being deep in my humbleness, gratitude and trust in the divine power and spirit world that guide me and you through this moment of eternity when our paths have crossed to be one in this inner journey.


As above so below. You are me and I’m you. We are one.

Energy Sessions

Energy Healing

One of a kind energy session combining energy work, meditative guidance, breathwork and channeling, creating a space for release, clearing and transformation a person is ready for. Sessions are available in-person or remotely on Zoom (energy works beyond time and space).

Intuitive Channeling

Bring your questions and receive intuitive energetic answers from the divine space. Intuitive insights, useful tools and divine guidance to support you on your path to yourself. Sessions usually include energy work.

Energy Painting

Paintings that are aligned with your energy vibrational field. Colors, designs, everything is channeled from the energetic, divine space. I never know what comes out in the painting process, I simply tune in and let myself be guided. Paintings work as an energetic tool, supporting your inner process.


Energy Healing  Reiki  Intuitive Life Guidance 

Intuitive Channeling  Communication with the Body  Breathwork

Energy Painting  Open Your Heart Through Painting   

Conscious & Holistic Life Approach  Matrix & Physical Reality

Mindfulness   Mindfulness for Kids  Yoga Nidra  Creative Writing

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