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Sun shining in a magical tree palm forest in Arizona

Discover my approach and reach out to schedule a session.

Please be aware that a session is not intended to replace medical treatment.

Certain circumstances may necessitate a medical referral.

Sessions are offered in-person or online.

I am fluent in English and Polish, and I can assist you in German and Italian as well.

My approach 

I embrace a holistic approach, recognizing each individual as a complete entity, with body, soul, and mind intricately connected and balanced.

It's essential, especially when traversing one's path, to explore all aspects, including the energetic heart, chakra system, patterns, and beliefs. By delving into these elements and achieving harmony within oneself, one can attain true self-awareness—a journey that commences within to fully embrace the external world.


In my practice, we address all layers of your being, uncovering blockages, stagnant energies, challenges, patterns, beliefs, and behaviors. However, I respect that in energy work, I can only delve as deeply as you permit. Sometimes, although you may believe you're ready for inner work, your subconscious may only grant permission for specific tasks to be completed. This process involves peeling away layers until we reach the core.

I advocate for a natural, gentle process, devoid of coercion or manipulation to hasten progress. Your body and inner authentic-self inherently know how much you're prepared to release and how far you're willing to journey. I merely serve as a conduit, creating a nurturing space for your transformation, rooted in humility, gratitude, and trust in the divine power and spirit world guiding both of us on this timeless inner journey.

As above, so below. You are me, and I am you. We are interconnected, unified as one.

Energy Sessions

Energy Healing

Experience a unique energy session that blends energy work, meditative guidance, breathwork, and channeling. This holistic approach creates a space for release, clearing, and transformation, tailored to meet your needs and readiness. Sessions are available both in-person and remotely via Zoom, as energy transcends time and space.

Intuitive Channeling

Come with your questions and receive intuitive energetic answers from the divine space. Gain insights, practical tools, and divine guidance to support you on your journey to self-discovery. Sessions typically incorporate energy work to enhance your experience.

Energy Painting

These paintings are attuned to your energy's vibrational field. Every color, design, and stroke is channeled from an energetic, divine space. During the painting process, I surrender and allow myself to be guided. I never know what will emerge—it's a journey of tuning in and letting intuition lead the way.

These paintings serve as powerful energetic tools, supporting and enhancing your inner process.


Energy Healing  Reiki  Intuitive Life Guidance 

Intuitive Channeling  Communication with the Body  Breathwork

Energy Painting  Open Your Heart Through Painting   

Conscious & Holistic Life Approach  Matrix & Physical Reality

Mindfulness   Mindfulness for Kids  Yoga Nidra  Creative Writing

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