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Updated: Mar 27

There is a special type of kindness in Bali, Java, maybe the whole Indonesia. We all know how to be kind, how to emanate an attitude of being kind. However, here I notice a lot -- local people living "Namaste". Which in a free translation would be "I see the light in you, I bow to you, the light in me bows to the light in you". And I know, I hear you, it's just one layer and there might be other layers underneath which are far from "namaste" attitue. However, this special kindness, kind "namaste" is so visible everywhere, whenever you go. And again, of course, one can say, you are a tourist so they need you (they need your money) so they are nice. Yes to some extent and no as well. Because simply, you can feel energy behind that greeting and it's not that they say it "namaste", they just be it. They just look at you and respect who you are. Do we respect in return? I would say not always...

However, I so much appreciate this kindness, this greeting that is so different from default, mechanical, auto-pilot "how are you". It feels like energy is moving when they say hi, when they see you, appreciate you, no matter if it's for the first time or for the twenty second time. It always is the same joyful, vivid, kind gesture. Of course, I'm sharing my perceiving and my experience, one can have a different one. But I can't help, I just like it and it really gives a nice energy for the day, for the moment, all the smiles, hellos and heartfelt respect. Thank you! Namaste!

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