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Celebrating Myself | Part Three

March has been a little different in terms of celebrating myself. Instead of sending me to completely new places it rather gave me a few new experiences and yet in somehow new areas.

One of the new experiences for me was attending a stadium concert for about 50 thousands of people. I know that for many of you it is a normal, fun experience, however big crowds are not my cup of tea. I just don't like and get tired to this extent that I sometimes have to leave, like immediately. So knowing myslef, I just choose not to or for a very short time if I have to (like for example shopping centres). However, this one came out of nowhere like most of celebrational events so far... The same friend who called me when we had Jakarta trip, called me again saying that there was a big (stadium size) Ed Sheeran concert in Jakarta. We literally had a few days to organize the trip and I had like a few hours to decide. On energy level, everything was saying a "yes", on my mind level, everything was saying a "no". However, the "yes" was so strong (and I've learned to follow the energy) so I said "yes". And I liked it a lot! It was a big stadium concert, indeed. With a big crowd, but an absolutely fantastic crowd. Even Ed Sheeran said that it was so far the best concert on his Asia tour map. I of course know Ed Sheeran and have known his songs but to say I was a fan, would be an exaggeration. But gosh, the concert was great!! I enjoyed every minute of it. And he gives 200% of himself. He played an almost 3-hour non-stop show. And the whole stadium seemed to know all the songs!! Yes, we had fun and I'm grateful to my friend to bringing this idea to me!

The next two days after the concert were weird. It wasn't a concert itself but also a huge energy work, including Ed Sheeran. We both were in an interesting state. I had to sleep almost the whole Monday, skipped two yoga classes and felt like I had done a huge energy work. Anyway, I very much liked the way I celebrated myself in March, even though it wasn't a new place. But as my friend said we went to a new area of Jakarta. Yes, indeed.

Staying in the "new experiences" zone... I decided to take swimming lessons which is a major process for me. It is going slow, very little by very little. I'm on lesson 5 and I have a long way to go. My success for now is that I didn't quit. So that is definitely a new experience for me, learning about myself, about what lies behind and learning to embrace and overcome my fears. This experience though is not in the category "I enjoyed every minute of it". However, I'm trying to reprogram myself to enjoy. It shows me how much sometimes we are conditioned and even with all the awareness, tools and help, it is still difficult to get out of it. It applies to many things in life, not only swimming, everyone probably has something of this kind.

One more! I take aerial yoga classes and I did a trikonasana (tree pose) on the ropes in the last class (for the first time). So another kind of a new experience.

And last but not least, I visited a new area of Uluwatu (part of Bali) meeting with friends and having a good, easy and fun time. Trying new food. Another reason to celebrate myself. Well, actually, even getting up with a smile and energy to start a new day is a reason to celebrate ourselves!

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