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Wake Up from Waking Up

Updated: Jan 27

An interesting deep insight has been coming to me recently. I gave myself time to understand it. Actually, I’m still contemplating and embracing its powerful message. However here it is what I wanted to share.

The message is as this: Wake up from waking up. Awake from awakening.

What that does even mean one could ask and question the meaning of these words.

You know, a spiritual path and energy work may be a tricky one and it might be a trap too. When we gave ourselves up to the spiritual process itself being amazed by all the tools, modalities, concepts, approaches, gurus etc., we have a tendency to slip out of the inner waking up out to the outer world.

Peaceful view with Buddha in my massage place

So basically what happens -- when you are on your spiritual/awakening journey, most likely you are on the path of doing inner work, using the tools, participating in some workshops, reading many books, cards, following gurus and teachers, going to all the places, and so your inner work is taken outside. And in fact the inner work is somehow stopped by the outside illusionary spiritual work. We get trapped in chasing this spiritual dream of waking up. We belong to spiritual communities, we look for new ways of understanding, using spiritual tools and applying new-age approach, and literally we forget about just BEING in the wake up process. Which is just being where you are. With inner reflection, intuitive thoughts. Inside of you. Waking up is sitting with the uncomfortable and the unknown. Many times sitting just with yourself, in silence. No matter how much discomfort it brings. Allowing the talking mind to talk and you to hear and just observe, allowing emotions and feelings just flow through you without any attachment or judgement. Just allowing this all flow through you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Being open to receive all this discomfort, being vulnerable and courageous to see this all as it is. And just being with this, sitting with it. With yourself, in silence. Connected to the heart, not even meditating, just sitting in silence, one breath at a time. And through this kind of practice reaching a space with no thought. Even if possible only for a nanosecond -- reaching a space without a thought is so powerful and gives your more than hours of meditation. I’ve been there for nanoseconds and experienced its power. Though as simple as it sounds, reaching a space without a single thought is not easy. But I will ask you -- thrive on reaching it.

And last but not least. I’ve been there and I’m still occasionally there -- using tools, spiritual modalities, listening to spiritual teachers, doing energy work, and more. And of course, it is nothing bad in using tools, modalities, books, following gurus, teachers, etc. -- we need it to get inspired for growth and inner work. Because sometimes we need this all to help us walk a few steps on our path.

It’s just so important to remember that there is a thin line between this serving us to grow, go deeper in the inner process of waking up and understanding more & being trapped in an illusionary world of energy work, transformation, healing, spiritual teachers and life-changing workshops. If this becomes more as a doing than being -- it means we are off our path.

Choose wise, keep it in a balance and wake up from waking up.

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