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Stay in Trust

One of the things I’m here to fully confront and transition to a divine understanding is trust. Trust -- relinquishing control. Trust -- surrendering to the flow. Trust -- simply being.

Throughout my life, I've observed myself transitioning from control to surrender, from holding on to letting go. My guides often remind me to stay in trust, to attune to the energy and allow it to guide me. And when I am in that state of trust, when I'm flowing peacefully, it feels truly remarkable. It's a state of pure beingness, where everything aligns effortlessly, where life unfolds in harmony with my divine purpose, or whatever you may call it. It feels easy...

But, of course, there are moments or longer moments, experiences, where I lose my way, where I find myself trapped in the back-and-forth of trying to figure things out. However, I've come to realize that figuring it out no longer serves me. So, instead, I wait for the energy to shift, I wait until things realign, until I realign myself, freeing myself from the cycle I've put myself in. Until the dense, blocked energy transforms, and I can once again embrace life's flow and the next steps on my path. Because sometimes, the steps we're meant to take aren't the ones we want to take, but deep down, we know we're always in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, and the right experiences.

Thus, I believe that trust is the most vital compass and guide, the trust that emanates from within and leads us through life's natural rhythm. Of course, we have people, friends, family, and their advice and suggestions that we can (and sometimes want to) consider in our trust journey. However, ultimately, it's about trusting ourselves, as nobody knows us better than we do. Nobody truly understands what propels us onto certain paths, even if from an outside perspective, it may seem like we should be on a different track.

So, stay in trust, trust your inner knowing, trust your compass, even if the world around you is saying otherwise. Even if you risk hearing, at some point, from someone, I told you so. Stay in trust because it's your unique experience, your unique path aligned with your inner journey. Eventually, you'll find yourself exactly where you're meant to be, walking the path you've chosen in trust, aligned with your inner guidance.

Trust also helps us evade the realms of doubt and fear. Whenever I entertain the thoughts and advice of others, it tends to breed more doubt and fear in my life, as I question my own knowing. What if they know better? What if they see something I can't? What if I go down this path and it turns out to be a mistake? So, once again, staying in the trust of ourselves is the most important thing we can do.

Staying in trust is simply being aligned with your inner knowing, intuitive guidance, intution, following your heart. And it is not always easy because other paths and choices may seem easier and more secure, or supported more by others who cross your life path with you...

Remember, you're always guided. Stay in trust.

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