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I have a unusual friend. A unicorn. And his name is Unicorn. Actually, I don’t know why he is him but it just is this way. My friend said you should ask him if he is him or her. Maybe I’ll do one day.

Unicorn has been with me for a few years now. He just showed up in my life miraculously as a gift from a secret group of children in NYC. And since then he has become my kind of buddy. I know it sounds surreal but there is some loving, kind and enjoyable vibes about this all. Unicorn has been traveling world with me since then. We have been to so many places together and currently on a flight to Java. I’m writing this post in Heaven ;)

I love observing myself how my inner child sparks every time I take him out of my bag or even if I see Unicorn in my bag. He goes to yoga with me sometimes (he doesn’t do yoga tho), coffee places, museums, etc. And I love how this little creature brings smiles on grown ups faces when they get to see him too. Everyone has an inner child and it’s only matter of giving your inner child a reason to spark and shine out.

I think the most joyful story with Unicorn was when I was at Neue Gallery in NYC. To enter the gallery one has to go through security and open a bag. I forgot that Unicorn was with me that day so I opened the bag and then my (surprised and little embarassed) face and the security guy's face, both burst in a loud laugh. He even commentes something like Really? A Unicorn? I asked the security guy to keep this discovery in secret but I’m sure until today that I made his day.

Even if you’re an adult, really serious and a mature one, find your nicorn to brighten your every day. It’s a small thing that brings so much to every day life. And even if you'll be judged or questioned by someone then who cares? Believe in unicorns.

PS. These pictures were taken during Java trip (on the plane and at Mt Bromo).

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