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Unconditional Love Exercise

Updated: Jan 27

Today, when driving my bike, I was given a download which I was to actualize right away. Yes, I know. My guides share their insights whenever, no matter what I'm doing, and I've learned to receive it and somehow memorize as much as possible under the circumstances.

The insight was just a 'simple' exercise: perceive EVERYTHING through unconditional love. Through that pure love, through the lenses of your pure being of who you are, just that unconditional love. We think we know what unconditional love is, however, do we really? How many times during the day we actually are in the state of unconditional love? How many times we just choose our ideas, habits and beliefs over just being this pure existence of love. We simply forget to be that all the time due to all kind of conditionings and also because it is easier not to be in a constant state of unconditional love which in a way sounds as a twisted concept: it seems like it is easier not to be in a natural state of our being -- just love. Love that includes everything, and is all that is...

So we have to practice to be in our natural state of being, exercise it until we learn it and become it -- I would say until we get back to the roots of our beingness because we have it all in us. To practice means -- same way as when you exercise your body to build the strength of your muscles. Once this being practiced long enough it becomes an integrated part of us.

I love you so matcha

I was on my bike driving when that insight came and I practiced it right away. Something what I have known from before, for many lifetimes, I just practiced again. But practiced with all my awareness so I can see myself who I am when I'm in the state of love, unconditionally. To perceive through unconditional love lenses -- the beautiful, the ugly, the annoying, the nice... All people, situations, all my thoughts and feelings, emotions, and all of my minds travels. It is fine when what I perceive is aligned with my beliefs and values then I just embrace it with unconditional love. But it gets to a more challenging spot in me when situations around have some triggers. For example, this guy who was sitting next to me smoking a cigarette and all the smoke going my way because of the wind and he didn't care. He even didn't see anything was wrong. I'm very sensitive and get triggered a lot when people smoke next to me, and somehow they don't think and don't respect my space (and I do respect space of others). And it was even not allowed to smoke in the part of coffee shop I was sitting. So then -- how to perceive this guy/this situation from unconditional love point of view? Of course, being aware of what it is but still not going to a place of judgement, emotions, just being an observer, the unconditional love observing and me being the observer, not attached and involved in the situation. Being observing myself and the situation, and my reactions. It it just a very banal example but I think it illustrates well what it does mean to perceive/embrace everyone and everything from the unconditional love perspective.

Do the love exercise for yourself and see when/where you would be trapped (because you will!) and where/what situations bring you back to your habitual behaviors. More often and faster than you think!

Krishnamurti always says that once we realize with our mind that we are in a state of being like gratitude, joy, happiness, unconditional love -- it disappears suddenly. Once we embrace it with our mind it simply disappears. I perceive it the same way, however to be able to get to that state of perceiving one has to build awareness muscles to be able to connect (actually re-connect) with that state of being.

Life is all about being the unconditional love. If we were that love all the time, the planet and humanity would have been already in a different place, state of being. Though it's never too late to get on with the unconditional love. Anyway, this is all what is.

PS. The picture was taken in a nice place Matcha Cafe which serves the best matcha (with homemade coconut milk) I have ever had!

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