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There You Are!

Wherever You Go, There You Are. In other words: wherever you go there you are with yourself. Wherever you are there is everything you are to experience there.

There sometimes is a desire to leave something, even escape from something that does not work, what annoys us, seems boring, does not work as we would like it to work… because of all different reasons and stories we carry. The only desire is to leave that all what we don't want or feel is not serving us anymore, forget, like closing a chapter and starting a new one (with no words written, like an empty page to reinvent yourself).

Is it possible to do all above? Is it possible to leave, forget and start anew? If you do not like a relationship you have, just leave and start a new one? If you do not like a job, just change it? If you do not like a place where you live, just move? If you do not like your friends, kids, just leave…? If there is something that does not work, just shut up and leave it?

Of course… it is possible. It is like a snap of the fingers, change can like that.

There is only one thing you should perceive and realize: Wherever you go, there you are.

So wherever you go, there you are. Entire, totally you, YOU what you are, who you are, wherever you are. Closing a chapter of life does not mean a simultaneous transformation and a change of what we do not like. Because if something does not work in our life, in fact we do not like it inside of us. Sooner or later, things that you do not want to face and you might want to get away from them or repackage in another box and pretend that they didn’t exist (even though you do not call it so, you just want to change a wife, a husband, a partner, a job, friends, a city…), sooner or later, these things catch you up, they will come after you wherever you are, especially they catch you if there are some old patterns, beliefs, judgments, viewpoints, fears and anxieties. It will chase you until it is seen and understood.

A common thinking is that an essence of certain things is happening outside, that the reason of our sorrows, worries lies outside, so a change of outside conditions will change everything and will fit in a new place to start over. If the reason why something is not working were patterns and beliefs that are in us (not outside), even at a new beginning, we are again our entire self – Wherever you go, there you are.

You won’t run away from yourself, from what you have to see and become aware of. Although you can try 😉

I know such situations from my life when I wanted to change just the outside things. Even if it was a change as long as it did not touch me deep inside, it did not bring the real change inside. Inside out is the only way.

I once heard a comment of a woman, who said: If I only knew that it was about to change my beliefs inside of me, I would not have had to get married four times. Every time the same story was happening, and finally being married for the fourth time I realized what was going on – a change in me, and not an exchange for a new husband.

If only we have a courage and the willingness to look this way at our lives, we may find that changes are easier because they are in us. Although it usually is more difficult to change inside than outside. It is easier to see that something is an outside problem not an inside one.

It is also important to look at and observe what it is what appears: if a desire to change is from within, from the heart. Just ask a question: if I change it on the outside will this be a solution? And courageously listen to an energetic answer. If you get a yes, you know what to do. If you get a no, well... you know what to do to -- then you have to look deep inside -- there you are. And again ask yourself: what is this that is asking for a transformation. Maybe it is a pattern, a habit, a point of view... and it is ready to be released... and do it with love for yourself.

Only then, your path will be a joyful meeting with yourself. And you will really feel living your life that you desire and you like. You will be boldly going everywhere with yourself.

Wherever you go, there you are. LOVE LIFE.

PS. Wherever you go, There You Are is the English title of Jon Kabat-Zinn book.

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