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Sit with Yourself in Silence

Updated: Jan 27

Moment of stillness by the pool

I’ve been doing lots of sitting with myself recently. Which is I’m just sitting with myself in silence.

That's it. With eyes closed or open. Listening to the sounds around and just sinking in deeply into my beingness. It is not a meditation I’m not even trying to get myself into that meditative state. I’m not doing any special kinds of breathing. Just sitting. And honestly, it takes me to such deep states of myself where I feel connected. It's like reaching that I am state. And this is not through meditation but just by consciously, sitting, being fully present with yourself.

Through sitting with yourself for a while, you tap to a deeper state of awareness. It is just resting, sitting in your essence which is very profound and ever changing experience on many levels.

If you would like to sit with yourself, here is a helpful guided exercise by Mooji.

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