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Observe Energy

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Observe energy. Simple as that. What I mean with that is to observe energy that is behind every situation, person, relationship, talk, phone call, text message, etc. And also observe how you feel, behave, react, align or not align according to certain situations, conversations, people. What is your energy field right after something has happened, you have talked with someone about something, even brief conversation brings energy change.

The thing is that everything that is happening for us is also happening in the energy field and creates an energy field after as well. That energy field affects you for a second or longer. Or it does not affect you. It all depends on how you have responded to a situation. However, that energy field may be present within your space. Of course, if the energy change was to so called higher vibration, you will feel uplifted, happy and you will draw to your life more uplifting and highly vibrational situations. The other option is if the situation that has happened has lowered your vibration, put you in a field of reactive emotions and feelings. In other words -- you have been triggered. Then by being in this field, you will attract same energy level situations, people, conversations. And if you are not aware of how it works you would just wonder why certain, random people behave this way or talk to you in a certain way or different kind of situations happen. And it can be just random things - you would just go to a grocery store and run into someone and having that weird kind of conversation. Or driving in a car you run into some strange drivers, etc. Can you relate with that?

That's why observing energy and our responds, reactions and triggers will help you understand what lies behind even simple things that happen in your every day life but affect you on a deeper level. This is how we become aware of ourselves, of who we are and what yet is to be seen and felt. The moment you become aware these energy blocks, situations dissipate and you won't attract it anymore because you have tapped into the energy and become aware.

I observe myself a lot and I see how easy is to be trapped and triggered, and almost like automatically/unconsciously you just end up in a different vibrational level and then there is this wonder -- what has happened and when. But when you question enough and stay in the question, the answer will come and then you understand the mechanism. Observe energy in you, around you and be aware of what that means for your energetic level, creation of your life and simply well-being in every moment.

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