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Magnificent Tree

I have a profound love for trees, woods, forests, and parks — basically all kinds of trees, wherever they may be. I'm fond of palm trees as well. I make it a habit to hug trees, talk to them, touch their trunks and bark, and express gratitude for their energy. Moreover, if I sense that a tree needs energy, I also offer it to them.

I'm fully aware of the energy that trees possess and their unique significance on this planet. They not only aid in our breathing and cleanse our environment but also provide a sense of grounding and hold space for us. I feel like we do not put too much attention every day to appreciate these beings and that we often overlook them in our daily lives. How often do we pass through parks without truly acknowledging and connecting with the trees? (I include myself in this question too).

My friend introduced me to a remarkable, ancient, sacred tree nestled in the heart of the island, during one of our weekend trips in Bali. Kayu Putih, the 700-year-old tree. This tree was truly extraordinary. I felt such a profound connection with its energy that I couldn't tear myself away for nearly half an hour. It's difficult to articulate just how immense and nurturing its energy was — it felt like being enveloped in the embrace of a caring, gentle, and loving mother. It moved me to tears, a tree with a truly deep soul and the roots remembering times like forever. A testament to the deep soul and enduring roots of this tree.

Even pictures of this tree only begin to capture the magnificence and uniqueness of this tree.

Thank you for taking me there, Miia!

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