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Updated: Dec 7, 2023

On a beautiful evening, I was walking in the city, passing by the University Place, Washington Square … I experienced un-reality in this reality. Or the reality in this un-reality. I was real, and at the same time like not real. Real, true, only, unique. I am.

I observe people, shapes, colors. I hear sounds, words, voices.

There are buildings, cars, streets, people around. Trees, flowers, loud music.

Everything makes an impression like being in existence. Everything plays with me, putting a sidewalk in front of me, blooming flowers on Eleven 5th Avenue. Even putting a handsome concierge at the door. Yellow cabs trunk. The New Moon is hanging from the sky. Bikes are riding. All this seems to be like a reality. People behave like they are real. An ice cream I bought at Amorino Cafe tasted vanilla and chocolate. I feel my feet on the ground. And everything is like really existed… although something tells me it is not. These smells, sounds, images, this is all an illusion. The illusion. Even those 40 Citibank bikes waiting to be taken tomorrow morning. Trees, air, my thoughts. They do exist and at the same time do not. I feel a calling to write how to live in this illusion. Who we really are here? And what’s really going on here?

At the Union Square, a lady wanted to do cards reading for me. She said she was given many insights for me. I told her „thank you, I know everything.” Really? What does everything mean? What does it mean to know? Are eyes of one soul looking into eyes of the other soul real? When is this moment that the illusion touches reality, and becomes real? Is there any moment like that? How to live in the illusion? What we are perceiving as real that we create it into existence? Is a shadow for real? Wind? Air?

It is said that we cannot live without the air. Does the soul have to breathe? Does the soul need the air to live? Who you truly are you denying that you are not?

  1. Be aware that you are living in the illusion.

  2. Have fun living in the illusion.

  3. Computer games are by no means an exaggeration. It is a hint for us that our lives, everything is a game and fun. We have infinitely many lives, everything depends on us. We just keep changing boards.

  4. Serious life is not serious. Serious is a product of a physical matrix. Serious, hard, solid.

  5. You are the soul, the lightness, the energy, the infinite and unlimited being experiencing life in the matrix, in the illusion.

  6. The only what exists is you as you are, a part of the source. It is truly you being in the energetic heart, our energy center, whatever we call it. You are real, you are energy, you are something you cannot touch, which is not solid, it is not matter. Everything and nothing. White, black and transparent at the same time. You are the ocean and a drop in the ocean. Yes, that is you, real you. It depends on you how much you really believe in this reality. The more you believe in the illusion, the harder it is for you to live in it. Illusionists/magicians know that the world is an illusion. That’s why they are able to take a handkerchief from the mobile phone and pour a fish out of an empty bucket. They play with the illusion. They play with the matrix. They can make “impossible”. If you truly understand that your life is an illusion, then you will also be able to pull a white rabbit out of a black hat. To pour from an empty bottle, to change water into wine. To multiply bread in the desert (yes, Bible). Seriously.

  7. You need a body to experience the illusion. The illusion is a solid matter either is the body. This is all there to keep you not to fly away, since you have chosen to experience life in this physical world. Also gravity. It is nothing but the strength of the matrix that keeps you alive in the illusion. Otherwise you would have returned back to the source already.

  8. You can everything. Really.

  9. You are everything and nothing. Really.

  10. There are things that are for real. You really are. You. You are. You are love from the source experiencing the illusion for a reason. You are oneness with the source, with everyone. You are a separate soul, and at the same time a whole with all other souls.

  11. When you have these moments of awakening, of revelation, moments “wow”… you feel in the body much more than usual, you want to laugh, cry without a reason. You feel love, even physically no one loves you or hugs you. It is when you are beyond the illusion and you are experiencing a connection with the source. And just for a moment you remember your “I am”. You remember love beyond everything and oneness beyond everything. The whole fun of being in the illusion is waking up for those moments when you are feeling “I am”, “I am love”. And feeling the illusion at the same time. Then life really happens.

You are like this giraffe painted on the wall. Fit into the facade of the building. You are actually the giraffe on the wall, anyone can touch you, see and define you as a painted giraffe on the wall, though you are not there at all, because you are actually running somewhere in a savannah in Central Africa… you are there from where you come from … both here and there.

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