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Updated: Mar 11

Life consists of various decisions. Is that right? This is how we have been thought and conditioned since a really young age. To decide about nearly everything. Do you make decisions with ease, in the flow, following your heart or it rather comes through a thinking process and analyzing?

But do really life consists of decisions? Or isn’t it this way that if we are in the flow of life, tuned into our hearts, decisions just happen and it doesn’t feel like decisions. It doesn't feel like taking an action to decide.

I observe myself in the decisions making process and I can say that the more I use my mind, analysis, figuring out the more difficult it gets. And every time I just follow my inner voice, it’s like a snap of the fingers. With ease, flow, without any heavy energy, actually with just energy flowing through.

The thing is that sometimes (or often) we do not follow our inner voice because a decision doesn’t feel comfortable (although is good for us!) or it means we have to communicate our decision to someone we have judgements of how they will take it or we know they have expectations for us to decide the way they like. So we skip the easy part, and from the flow in the heart we go to the analysis in the mind. Which is okay in general. We only have to be aware that it usually takes a whole lot of time, back and forth, foggy mind, and the result? Sometimes come rain and sometimes come shine. Meaning sometimes after analyzing we end up with a decision we had in our heart, but it took us a time to get there and also it took more energy and maybe would have created a confusing energy around a decision, people or situations involved. But at least we are happy at the end, and aligned with ourselves, and hopefully with a lesson learned for next time. To just tune into the heart, intuition, inner voice.

Or -- we take a decision which is not aligned with what comes from the heart and end up doing something we didn’t feel or wanted. Which mostly, as consequences, leads to a little frustration or anger or unhappiness… depending on how much important that decision was (it can be a banal decision but underlying energy might be of utmost importance for our life process). Though with a high probability, in this decision making process, we make happy the outside world, people, situations.

It’s good to be aware of these different ways when taking any decisions. However, a decision will always be the right one for our experience, no matter of the way we went through while deciding. What matters is to be aware of energy around and the process itself. And choosing to follow the ease, flow and inner voice.

Even knowing the process one can still be trapped in the analysis (and of course sometimes you need a little bit of that too, but I bet that if it’s tuned with the energy no analysis is needed). I get trapped too. And I observe myself in that (sometimes) struggle and I’m aware what I’m doing and yet still not always following the heart compass. The good tool for that -- whenever you see yourself trapped in the decision making process, overthinking, back and forth -- just stop where you are. Leave it. For a minute, an hour, a day. Give it a space, a break, clear the energy and then start, ask again. You will see more clearly and maybe the decision will just flow to you.

Also, it is important to mention, that some decisions have time to actualize in life. Even if you know what decision to make, even if the outside world knows it too, and gives you advice and pushes you to some action, remember, there is always a right moment for a decision. Don’t rush and push. Make it aligned with your heart. Don’t panic that you should know and decide already. Make it when it feels easy and it feels right for you which usually is not the same right for the outside world and people.

PS. Pictures of decorations for Ogoh-Ogoh procession (for purification and cleansing of evil energies in the world) which is one of the biggest celebrations in Bali, taking place at the end of holiday celebrations of Galungan & Kuningan, leading to Nyepi, day of silence and meditation, a day marking a New Year in Hindu calendar, always tuned with the moon cycle and happening with the new moon.

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