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It's Simple

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

One of the realizations that have come to me after more than a decade of my spiritual journey, is that all this is simple and somehow we have made it complicated. We have made it difficult, challenging, we have called it a spiritual shit, a cesspool and ourselves spiritual gangsters, and more. Yes, it it is maybe fun that we use all the names for what the spiritual journey is or is not. Maybe it makes it easier for some or maybe more complicated for the others. You know -- where the energy goes, it grows.

In fact we all are born and come here with knowing (not knowledge) and kind of set of tools that is given to everyone. It’s unconditional love and everything that is included in it, ability to keep our hearts open and a soul (even if nowadays one can hear from top authorities -- will talk about that more in one of separate posts -- that there is no such concept as a soul and we are just machines). I do believe we are souls, we are much more and beyond perception of this reality. But -- do we use our tools? Do we know how to use them? Do we know that we have access to these tools? Eventually, some of us miraculously regain their memory and remember the tools and start using them.

However, many of us rely on general education knowledge and school systems that introduce us to the physical world of this reality providing us with all exciting tools how to live a human life. Does it include unconditional love, open hearts and souls. No. Nobody teaches us about this. Nobody reminds us about that. Moreover, they tell you that after you came to this physical reality you lost your memory. How come? And we get twisted and buy it together with the knowledge how to create a comfortable life on Earth. The price we pay for it, is loosing the simple tools we were born with and replacing the simple with illusionary comfortable, better and more fun. Consequences are different for every human though in general we become doers more than beings, we disconnect from the powerful source making Google/iPhone etc. our source of everything. And I’m not saying it’s bad to use Google/iPhone (I use it too!). It's just we are out of balance and it is one instead of the other one. And what if we had both serving our higher purpose? However, the tricky part is, you won’t treat Google/iPhone as your source if you’re connected to the divine source, universe, god, you name it as you like.

So going back to the resources we were born with. Practicing the simple -- unconditional love, opening heart space (which brings integrity, courage, authenticity and more), connecting to your soul -- will bring you closer to your authentic-self. And it will give you courage to break the pattern and habits, and use all other sources as part of a conscious game. So it all becomes useful and won't be a replacement of god given powers anymore.

So let’s keep it simple and don’t forget where our power comes from and what is our pure re-source. And even if I’m sharing this all I’m also reminding myself about this. Because it is really easy (and sometimes convenient) to forget. And just live that comfortable human life.

However, I know that one can have both -- a human life they want and divine powerful tools too.

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