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Heaven on Earth

Updated: Jan 27

Recently, we hear a lot (at least I hear) that Heaven on Earth is here. It is possible here where you are. And actually, we live our lives here on the planet Earth for this to experience. But what does it mean? Heaven on Earth?

Beautiful serene view of palms and mountains in the west Bali

Is it a physical place you go visit? A place you can travel to? Or... is it more metaphorically? A space in an energetic space, dimension, vibration? A space within you?

We even don't know if heaven exists -- maybe it's something really taken from religions... And if heaven exist (depending on our beliefs, inner insights, visions, etc.), we really don't know how it looks like and what it is and where. Can one say 100% sure they know?

Sitting in silence with nature (and a cup of coffee) today has brought me to this: Heaven on Earth is not a physical state. At least not yet. It might have some elements of a physical reality that helps you connect with the energetic Heaven on Earth. It might be a situation, view, people... like you are in an exquisite place, experiencing an exquisite view or insight/download, however, in fact it all is about feeling it inside and experiencing out. It's like feeling that Heaven on Earth inside of you. It may feel as a moment of a pure bliss, of unconditional love flowing through your body, a purifying experience in amounts and to that extent that it is not possible to hold it in your body so you just burst in tears of bliss, enjoyment, gratitude, happiness... And that feeling has nothing to do with human feelings and emotions which are more physical and connected with the mind. This Heaven on Earth feeling goes beyond. It is a deep energetic connection with the divine, source, universe, god (you name it). It's like angel wings wide spread and you have that knowing you are indeed the extension of the source, god, universe. And you simply are it -- this blissful beingness. You reach your Heaven on Earth. You can experience that bliss in any place, any moment, for a short second or longer. Just the most important is -- allowing yourself to embrace it, to feel it, to let it through you. Even if it feels uncomfortable.

One of these Heaven on Earth moments came to me today. I burst in tears with an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness for everything, my life, myself, this moment. It just showed me that life is beautiful if we are ready to fully receive it.

PS. Is there any way to learn or plan to receive/feel that Heaven on Earth moment? Definitely you can't plan it -- it comes when it comes, without a notification, in a place and a moment which is the exact divine timing. However, what you can do is constantly work on your heart space and connection with yourself, the source, inner guidance. Keeping heart breaking open. It means to open your heart even more and more so all your truths come in and out. To keep your heart wide open, to be vulnerable. The more your heart is open and the more vulnerable you become the closer is your Heaven on Earth.

Field of light in nyc

And who knows -- maybe one day -- Heaven on Earth will be here forever, on this physical plan as well. It will come when the humanity is ready. We are working on it, right?

Pictures and a video in this post illustrate my today's Heaven on Earth. I talked about it with my dear friend Marta from New York today and she had have her Heaven on Earth moment there -- in the big apple, this hectic, crowded, busy city but still -- she has received that blissful feeling. Everything is about the connection and being ready to receive and let these blissful moments go through you.

Of course, some sceneries can be more supportive than the other. Like nature always is. However, once your connection with your inner source has been established -- these moments will just flow through you (no matter your place on the physical Earth plane).

Picture from NYC, 6-acre Field of Light illuminating the city in December 2023

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