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Follow Your Heart

Updated: Jan 27

This simple compass of ours, a very individual, personal, internal tool. Always with us. Constantly showing direction and giving intuitive insights. Do we listen to it? Do I listen to it? When do we listen? And do we not? And what does it really mean to follow one's heart?

When you follow your heart, you don't need to think, make decisions because you have this knowing and everything is just happening in a flow. You just know what to do. It is this lightness, enjoyment that can be an indicator of your heart talking to you. And without any thinking, making lists, plans, you just know. And it's just so so so easy. The next step would be to give a kind of orders to your mind to incorporate it on the physical plane.

So what's stopping us from following that ease, lightness, enjoyment at all times? It just that in many life situations we are so attached to what is, being in our comfort life zone, having so called security and structures that we don't want to exchange it for something that indeed sounds light, easy and joyful but it is an unknown area (yet). And it doesn't mean that what is -- is bad, though it might get harder and boring over time and the most important we might realize we are off the track in our life, not aligned with our dreams, desires as we are being caught in the comfort. And life is always happening out of the comfort zone, it is there where we are in a constant change.

I easily get cozy in my comfort zones and the longer I stay the more difficult it becomes to follow my heart and follow that heart compass with its lightness, ease and joy. However, whenever I do it again, there is a river of joy, loving energy, absolute bliss flowing through me, supporting me in every step on my way. And things just are happening beyond the mind and control. But it is not needed because it always is for my highest good and with the best outcome.

Following our hearts is a big and important topic. We should learn about that in school or at least please incorporate it in homeschooling. Our future is in our hearts -- they lead the way. Take that compass with you whenever you go and let it show you the way. Trust it and follow your heart unconditionally.

PS. This picture was taken at a Local coffee shop which is called Local and has that nice sign on the wall Follow Your Heart and also the to go cups Follow Your Heart too!

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