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Flower Energy

I have my tree in the park. It’s a small tree. This spring I fell in love with this tree. When everything was blooming and blossoming, I was walking in the park and I saw this tree. And I started visiting this tree every day. Watching hundreds of bees flying around… Watching white little flowers smiling to me… And just gazing at it. It was something magical there and I couldn’t have stopped me from watching and being there.

One day… this tree has spoken to me. Yes, exactly what you just read. The tree spoke to me and asked me to walk under it. The tree invited me to come under its branches formed like an umbrella. I did it with some shyness. And believe me or not… it was amazing. I felt a kind of unusual energy… flower energy…  Dreamy, soft, gentle, kind, subtle, embracing energy. Ethereal… So gentle, subtle and strong at the same time… I was standing under this tree and couldn’t leave.

Since then I often come visit this tree. And I let myself be embraced by this energy.

I share this story because we need this flower energy. It is the energy of delicacy and power that flows to us from nature and that connects us with nature, a beautiful source of everything. We also carry this subtle energy in our hearts. We only so rarely look for it there, and even less often we allow ourselves to embrace ourselves with this energy.

Look for your tree. Allow a tree to embrace you with its energy. Listen to what your will tell you. Your tree certainly has something to say. It’s a new world and nature talks to us.

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