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Connecting With Your Essence

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Connecting with your true essence. The essence of who you are and where are you from. It’s a divine gift we can truly receive living here on the planet Earth…

It takes time and courage. It makes you cry and fall on your knees more than once. It moves you. It brings you to a point where you are only unconditional love and you have never thought you will feel it one day. It softens you. It brings you to the source of everything and nothing. It brings you memory of who you are and where do you come from and what your essence is. It gives you knowing beyond everything and makes you feel beyond intense. It makes you understand this world and all other worlds. It creates a balance within you. It reconnects you with a primary trust.

This happens when you are becoming you, connected with your soul, your light being soul and the source.

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