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Celebrating Myself | Part Two

Hello February! And hello to me celebrating myself in February. So far these celebrational trips just come to me without any planning, and I just follow the energy. Part two has happened in Java. The island I have never been to but learned about Java at school many years ago. It's interesting how life unfolds and bring you to places that you just heard about (maybe made a wish unconsciously...) and then one day you end up there! I had a similar story with Orinoko river (one of the rivers I memorized very well back then at school and one day I found myself fishing piranhas on a boat in Orinoko river).

So I went to Java with a few friends, actually most of them were from Java which added more fun and twist to the whole trip! I visited central and east Java, including Jogja, Surabaya and Mt Bromo. There was time for yoga, hikes, deep conversations, chilling by the pool, temples, sunrise on a mountain that was so so cold, good food (local as well), some delicious cold brew, a gallery visit including a quick talk with the artist and a zero point experience, a little shopping in one of Surabaya's malls, the lunar year celebration. Almost nothing was planned ahead of time and a lot of good things has happened during these few days.

My take out from this trip? Just seize and cherish the moment without any expectations, be present in the moment with situations and people you are with. Go with the flow. Receive and surrender to the unknown and take the best out of this experience. Trust and respect people you are with. And be yourself, the best version of yourself you can be at a given moment. Actually, it somehow applies to everything, not only travelling. It applies to every single step along your life walk.

And I liked celebrations part two a lot. It gave me joy and nourishment for the soul (and my body as well). Even though there was a struggle with some time zone based work activities and a shortage on sleep because of that. I also received my insights and lessons -- like in every experience I have had -- there always is something I can take a closer look at to understand myself even more. I came back with a cold (that I haven't had in like four years), but I know that this cold is nothing but a transformation that has started in Java. I feel different and the same which is a strange feeling of these to being present together at the same time.

Here are a few pictures from my Javanese adventure celebrating myself part two. I wonder what March is going to bring... and I'm sure it will be revealed when it is time.

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