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Celebrating Myself | Part One

Updated: Mar 11

The Rose concert in Jakarta

So here is the thing -- this year I'm celebrating a very round number of years of my journey around The Sun. And even if I agree fully with Mark Twain's saying Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter (in a very free explanation of this quote -- meaning, we are what we think and where we put our focus on so if you don't focus on your age/these numbers -- it really really doesn't affect you), I feel like I would love to focus on it in a way and celebrate myself a lot this year, however in a different, special way, not a number way! So my focus is on celebrating -- celebrating myself!

A few weeks ago an insight came to me -- what if you celebrated yourself every month having a trip to a place you have never been before? It does not need to be a big trip and a far destination, it is more about an intention, joy, lightness and a place that has naturally flown to my space calling me to visit like pick me! pick me! And I said yes to that idea without even thinking a second. It felt so light, easy and enjoyable for my soul, body and my entire being. Of course one can say, well... we celebrate ourselves every day, in a way being born anew every day. Yes, agreed hundred percent, however this celebration is a whole different one on all levels!

I'm sharing this with you to actually invite you to explore a way of celebrating yourself much more too! And in the ways you haven't done before and in totally different ways than you have done it before that go beyond your mind, concepts and ideals. There is something deeply energetic in this "celebrational" insight and I just can't keep it for myself! So I'm sharing it here too -- whoever is meant to read it.

My celebration this month, spontaneously brought me to Jakarta, for a weekend trip with a highlight being a concert of The Rose. And this idea has flown to me naturally -- my friend wanted to go to that concert of a group I didn't know at all and when she asked that maybe I would like to go with her I felt so much fun and smiles right away that the only answer to it was yes. The energy of this question/idea was matching the energy of my insight. It was weekend with abundance flowing through and also with inner cleansing and very much insightful. Lots of fun, light and good vibes! And the most important -- because it was aligned with my inner insight it has been easy on energetic and physical levels (which both not always are easy to go through).

I already have plans for next month! I'll share it all on part two when it is time for it. I'm very excited for the next months to show up with ideas, destinations and ways to celebrate.

Please celebrate yourself!


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