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Celebrating Myself | Part Four

Updated: May 12

The celebrations throughout April were incredibly intense, overflowing with experiences too numerous to capture in a single blog post. In fact, the entire month felt like one continuous celebration, with the highlight being my visit to Vietnam.

My trip to Vietnam was spontaneous, short yet joyous, much like all the other celebratory events that unfolded unexpectedly. From Bali, I found myself in Ho Chi Minh City, immersed in its vibrant energy from the moment I arrived.

Throughout my stay, I couldn't shake the feeling of happiness that permeated the city—a bustling metropolis blending elements of poverty and richness within a communist framework. Despite its apparent chaos, there was an undeniable aura of joy in the air. Even the Vietnamese alphabet seemed to exude cheerful vibes. While I didn't venture beyond the city limits, I couldn't help but wonder if this infectious happiness extended throughout the country. I literally was walking with a big smile on my face, without a reason.

Perhaps it's the influence of the city's name—Ho Chi Minh (former Saigon). Ho Chi Minh is named after a Vietnamese communist, revolutionary, nationalist, and politician who was the president of Vietnam for over 20 years! Ho Chi Minh name translates to bright spirit, clear will, bringer of light. So having this in the name is a promise of the good spirit already. But there's something more than just a name; it's evident in the people, the streets, and the atmosphere. From the vibrant colors and eclectic signs, mixture of shops, street decorations, temples to the juxtaposition of taste and kitsch in the city's offerings, Ho Chi Minh City is a treasure trove of experiences. And this includes numerous attractions, delicious cuisine at local markets and restaurants, and the famous Vietnamese coffee.

I was in Ho Chi Minh with my Indonesian gang -- the girls who call me an adopted Indonesian ;) They even gave me a name -- my Indonesian name is Kartini (as they said she was the goddess of empowerment of Indonesia born on the same day in April as I am; actually she was more of a young activist but I like the goddess too!). We went to Vietnam to attend a yoga workshop with Nandaji and I have to say oh gosh we had so much fun together. I mean workshop was a serious work but besides that our trip was filled with laughter, camaraderie, visiting, walking, good food, shopping (the best part was bargaining at the market, never underestimate the power of a feminine group!). Despite our diverse backgrounds and origins, we effortlessly connected and enjoyed each other's company. This wasn't our first journey together and it certainly won't be our last. One girl has been missed during that trip but we already said we will make it up),

It's a testament to the power of manifestation—about a year ago, I asked the universe to bring new, like-minded individuals into my life to become my gang, so we can be easy going, laughing, yet at the same level of consciousness and understanding, acceptance and support. And here they are, my supportive and understanding tribe. And even if we are different places now, I know we will meet again soon!

Was it us bringing happy vibes to Ho Chi Minh City, or was the city vibrating with joy in our presence? Perhaps it was a bit of both. Regardless, I'm grateful for the short yet exhilarating visit, and I'm already looking forward to returning.

Thank you, Ho Chi Minh City, for this joyful experience. Until we meet again!

Here a few photos from our adventures.

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