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Being a Good Person

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Every person we meet on our way is in a way a projection of ourselves. The way we approach that person, communicate or not communicate with them shows a lot about us. The way we communicate, what we think and what we don’t, if we judge, make assumptions, expectations, what we say, etc. What you see in the other person is never about the other person and always about you.

If we are in alignment with who we are nobody we meet on our path will trigger us and project anything to us. We will be just peace and oneness with them, recognizing that other person, that other soul but without having any thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Everything is included in oneness and everything comes from the same infinite source and no matter what form it takes for this life it comes from the same -- is made from unconditional love. But how it is different and easier to recognize a cute child of 3 years old you are crossing your path with compared to a crazy homeless person you are passing by. Not to mention more radical examples. The realization that they both are extension of the same source just experiencing this life differently, helps us include them in our love and accept in the same way. Though because of conditioning, social patterns and behaviors, this way of perceiving others is challenging, most of the time.

Also, the way you approach a person, energy that you’re radiating to them creates a field of response from them to you. It might be an energetic response or a human, conditioned response. That is why often when we put so called negative judgement on someone we are just passing by/crossing our path with or have a short interaction with (I’m even not saying about a longer relationship), it creates a specific situation/feeling, trigger or reaction.

It’s great to play around that and see how your attitude changes their attitude and changes energy around And the other way around. And also, to notice what uplifts or brings down you.

I’m still in the process of learning and mastering this one though I see so much goodness being created every time when I just choose to perceive from the perspective of oneness and unconditional love rather than conditioned circumstances.

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