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Attitude of Gratitude

This is a friendly reminder for myself, for you, for anyone who has to hear it. Reminder about this important connection to the energy of gratitude. It seems we do it all the time, saying thank you here and there. And it’s almost as an automatic response we have been thought around age of 2 and have been repeating since then.

It’s beautiful to have this thank you attitude.

However, what if we stepped into a deeper understanding of the power that lies behind the attitude of gratitude? Gratitude is this kind of energy that changes vibration in us and around us, right away. It opens us up to receiving. Every grateful thought sent out to the universe, source, divine (you name it) multiplies the goodness coming your way. It’s like a magic wand without having a magic wand.

A simple practice of gratitude may be life-changing. And the first step begins today. You don’t need any special tools and preparations -- just remember before going to bed to express your gratitude for 3 things that have happened during your day. And that’s it. As simple as it is. Divinely powerful things are simple. Spirituality is simple -- don’t be fooled by this being a complicated process. I’m not saying easy, I’m saying simple. The easy part might be challenging sometimes but you’ve got this.

Thank you for being here and reading my intuitive thoughts on gratitude.

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