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Art of Letting Go

Updated: Mar 11

Cactus that blooms only at night

I have these beautiful plants around my house, actually plenty of them -- for most of the time it's just very tall green sticks of mysterious cactuses. I talk to plants so I've been talking to them too and we kind of have become friends. One day, a few weeks ago they have started to grow flowers (of course, there is no link to me talking to them or maybe there is... well, it just happened to be that season). One stick with a bunch of flowers getting ready to bloom. And then one night, around midnight one of the flowers blooms just for one night. And the next one the other night, just for one night. And it continues since then. Absolutely astonishing flowers, without any smell. But flowers that invite you to look inside, deeper... I have my little ritual every night observing, talking, admiring these night beauties, and I wonder... that the whole nature is just doing it for one night, for one bloom, and that's it.

This cactus is called a night-blooming cereus. It is also appropriately called Queen of the Night. And this post is not about botany (of course). It is about something that has come to me just by observing this nature wonder. It's about art of letting go and art of being present. The nature just simply grows, blooms with this exceptional beauty. Gives all the nutrition, juice, love, water, and everything else just to show up in this world for one single night with one single bloom. And then in the morning it is gone, dead (most of the time just dry on the ground). And besides, at night there are not so many spectators -- I would say that most of the time they are all alone with this beauty, fully present in the admiration of that one night show, in a full presence of bloom.

This is life passing by, letting go its beauty day by day, being present with what is. Not trying to hold it, control, keep it for longer because it is so beautiful. Not trying to do anything to change the rhythm of life. And it is so so beautiful.

What if we would be more like this beauty blooming at night, just enjoying the moment that we have and then letting that present moment pass and transit to another one. Learning that letting go is just transformation to the next one, next letting go. Letting go of attachments, beliefs, control, comfort things, patterns, conditionings... But while being in the moment, staying fully present and showing the totality of who we are. Maybe we just live for these moments, one night bloom? Watching that flower, with all its beauty, elegance, presence and humbleness, dignity is a real gift and the more I observe the more I am sure: it is art of letting go. In a way letting go is letting it die (like this flower that doesn't exist anymore in the morning). But it is about dying in a more symbolically, psychologically way, it's about an inner process.

To find out actually what takes place when you die, you must die. This isn't a joke. You must die -- not physically but psychologically, inwardly, die to the things you have cherished and to the things you are bitter about. -- Krishnamurti

I am so grateful for these tall cactus sticks that grow around my house. You never know what secrets and lessons are hidden for you just around the corner. Keep eyes wide open.

PS. A little update from me. One day I had to change my villa to another one. And it was a week or two without any new beauty of the night flower. A few days before my move I saw a new one coming out. And believe me or not. The flower was in full bloom on the night that was my last one in that villa. Isn't it wonderful? Nature has its own ways to say goodbyes! And I'll see you again for sure! Thank you beauty of the night for this beautiful moment! I felt touched.

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