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April Is My Month

Updated: May 12

I feel like my life in the past few months has been a continuous celebration, and I'm not referring to parties. I'm not much of a partygoer, with a minor exception being when I accompanied my Finnish friends to one of the clubs in Bali, solely for a glass of bubbles. Nonetheless, it feels like I've been celebrating myself every day by exploring new places, engaging in various activities, and simply relishing life. Concurrently, there's another layer to this experience—a constant process of transformation. Surprisingly, these two aspects have been coexisting harmoniously in recent months.

April marks my birthday month, and each day and weekend have been filled with memorable and great experiences, serving as milestones to commemorate, remember and celebrate my existence and my being.

The weekends have been marked by trips to Java, Surabaya, northern Bali, Ubud, a brief excursion to Uluwatu, and finally, an extended journey to Vietnam via Singapore and Japan. It may seem like a lot for one month, and indeed, it has been intense in terms of absorbing all the positive energies, good things and experiences each place has to offer. However, everything has been unfolding effortlessly, without any meticulous planning on my part. It's as if things are simply falling into place, guided by a natural flow. There is no effort of me going places, figuring out the routes, anything. As it used to be in my life. I often hear the phrase from my guides just be open to receiving, and you'll be guided, and I've come to realize its truth. I sometimes feel like there is no need to even use a gps. Navigating transportation systems and unfamiliar routes has become second nature, as I would have done it million of times already (even if all is written in languages I don’t recognize single letters). But something has changed. And this ease and joy of traveling this way... I can’t describe it. I just show up in no scheduled time and trains are there, people (who are like signs, directions) showing me what to do are there, and even some people I know I have to follow because they’re exactly going to a place I go, like a natural divine gps system.

Something has shifted within me, although I haven't necessarily altered my approach to travel. Instead, I've undergone a significant transformation in my energy and mindset, fostering a deeper connection to myself and the world around me. This newfound sense of unity has made traveling feel effortless and joyful, as if I'm seamlessly integrated into the flow of life.

It feels more like I have become a sense of one. It's as if I've merged into a sense of unity—a sense of one. Perhaps that's why everything feels so effortless; I've integrated myself into this unified existence, simply being a part of it and experiencing life as one through the one. Describing this sensation is challenging; there may not even be words to capture it. Yet, the feeling of being immersed in this flow of existence, this sense of beingness, is truly incredible. Moreover, the kindness and helpfulness of the people I encounter along the way never fail to give me goosebumps.

I'm keenly aware that there's still much work ahead of me. Maintaining this sense of unity consistently demands presence and profound consciousness, alongside humility and a willingness to embrace emptiness. However, despite my ongoing journey of self-improvement and personal growth, I've noticed a growing sense of empowerment within myself (in the words of my Indonesian friends, I embody the spirit of Kartini, the goddess of empowerment in Indonesia, whose birthday coincides with mine - haha).

I wish for all of us to experience more and more this level of alignment with the flow of life—it truly feels otherworldly.

A few pictures from April!

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