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Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Joy is who you are and who you have always been… For several days these words have been flowing through my heart, my body, my entire being.

You are joy and you have always been…

Heavenly music of stars and of the universe sounds in me. It is something beyond this reality and nobody can define it in words and nobody will… because there are no such words. Energy is dancing, golden dust is dancing, everything is vibrating and becomes space, melts and connects with everything and everyone. I have become oneness. I have no beginning and no end. Perceiving the intensity of joy is beyond everything I was able to imagine. This joy is not to withstand. This joy is not only in the body, it is everywhere, expanding on universes and galaxies. This joy makes me laugh and this joy makes me cry. I’m not able to keep it within my body. Not any longer.

Although I know there was a time… when I squeezed my joy, I stifled it and I suppressed it, because it was way too much, too intense... I judged myself enjoying everything and nothing. I was afraid of judgements of others who saw me enjoying everything and nothing. And at that time I was not able to receive this intense joy that I was (and I am). I also wanted to fit into the world around me so I was not willing to receive and accept my intense being of joy.

How many of you do allow yourselves to be real, intense joy? When was the last time you were like children who en-joy-ed the joy and shout it out loud? And when you lately laughed at nothing, at everything, to each other, loudly, softly, on and off, without a break, breathless…? And when it seemed that this is the end of this, you started to laugh again, and again, and again…?

How much we give in to this reality and its rules that we limit our joy to just a fraction of what we are? We do not allow ourself to feel the intensity of joy, because we cannot stand it, our body is not capable of receiving it to the fullest and people around are not able to stand the intensity of our joy.

I have received a true blessing, a gift from the heaven… I have experienced so truly and deeply what joy, the pure joy that we are, is. Actually, I reminded myself what I always knew and felt, but I hid it somewhere in me. I laughed and laughed, and laughed. My entire body and being laughed. The intensity of feeling such joy is indescribable. One would like to jump, yell, explode, be both everywhere and invite everyone around to be this joy. The real joy of the soul and the joy of being, the infinite being and existence is totally different from what we were taught in this reality. This is the joy of life and an open heart, it comes from love, it is the light that lightens every way with a smile. This joy vibrates in every cell of the body and vibrates in the space. It makes the sun shines all day long and night. It gives lightness and power. This joy makes everything possible and everything follows after the joy.

And if now is the time to allow for this intense joy just to be? How would it be? Be a joyful doing, enjoying…? Bring joy to the moment whatever the moment seems to bring because joy is who you are and who you always have been.

And you will be. And you are.

Laugh out loud. Allow that your body will not stand it (because it won’t), embrace others with your joy, be like a child, lying down in the snow, rolling on the sand, running with open arms, gazing in the sun, hugging trees, jumping, jumping high and enjoying, enjoying life as it is. Be out of control, release what's limiting you, play, be weird, sing, dance, be funny. Let your body be like flowers and trees on windy days. Do not step on the lines. As you finish, start it again. Feel tears on your cheeks because of the intensity of joy. This is the essence of life. Joy is from love. And it has the same power. Smile. To yourself, to others, to the world. Allow yourself to be different, be silly and laugh. Your true nature, source, soul… it’s pure joy. Open up to it. Do not pretend it is not possible. Accept this gift, this true blessing – the joy that you are – and fly through the world on the wings of intense being.

Ah … 🙂

This song comes straight from the heaven. My soul sounds, my being opens up to the joy and the body laughs, laughs out loud, loud, louder, laughs to tears, vibrates, the joy is beyond, absolute, total…

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