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Green Scenery for Heart Opening

Updated: Jan 27

Since a few days I had an inner calling, a strong one, to go and bask in the green color. Even though it sounded a little vague I knew right away -- a green nature scenery was calling me. So I ended up in the middle of a rice paddy, surrounded by all kinds of green colors one can find only in nature, and with breath-taking views.

Just through being embraced by this lush nature a powerful meditative process has started. Magically, a heart opening has been happening, naturally, without any special energy work, breathwork, meditation, healing work. I was just sitting, staring in amazement, in silence. And crying. It was this kind of crying which comes out of nowhere and is so powerful, and you know that it is coming from something bigger and something beyond. I was being connected to the source of unconditional love. It was flowing through me.

Rice fields of Jatuwilah

And that was that call for. Just go, spend time in the nature, let your heart be open in a natural process and receive love, receive this limitless powerful energy from the source.

Green is the color of the heart chakra -- your inner guide, inner compass, intuition. And sometimes we don’t need to do anything. Just being in alignment with the inner message and following the inner guidance -- and it is more than enough. This way you’ll never be off your path and always on your path serving your higher purpose.

So many times, we ignore the inner call, we don’t hear it at all or if we hear we don’t listen or don’t follow it because of so many reasons, excuses, circumstances. And it doesn’t mean that life will become harder or more challenging if we don't listen (it might though). It rather means that through following your inner guidance, this intuitive call, your inner process will go more naturally. You won’t need to force it or look for any outside help. Also, forcing many times brings the opposite effect so be gentle with that too.

Being and doing everything with the inner alignment is the most powerful action we can be for ourselves, and at the same time the most underestimated. One needs to trust, trust in the unknown to follow a guidance with no physical proof -- just an inner call to be in alignment with the inner message. And so called matrix life is not about it for most of the time. So there might be a resistance or denial to something we have to believe but we didn't see proof of it. Though the more we trust that path the easier it is to walk. And the more of these little steps towards the alignment with the inner guidance we take the more our hearts will open and the more we will feel that green nature scenery power igniting inside and from inside out.

I’m still sitting in the lush green. Let me sink in it a little bit more. I can’t get enough. Such a soothing balm for my soul.

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