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Energy Paintings are attuned to your energy's vibrational field.

Every color, design, and stroke is channeled from a divine, energetic space. During the painting process, I surrender and allow myself to be guided,

never knowing what will emerge. These artworks serve as energetic tools, aiding and supporting your inner journey and process.

About the Process

It's been nearly a decade since energy paintings entered my life, one early morning. Initially uncertain about this concept, I gradually received guidance and began incorporating it into my energy sessions and daily life.

These paintings, though they may appear as mere artwork, are distinct in their essence. Each painting is created in direct connection with the individual it's intended for. With permission, I tune into the energetic space and receive guidance on what to paint. From the size and colors to every detail, the direction comes purely from the energetic realm—it's never a product of the mind. I'd describe it as channeling energy through painting. The painting process itself sometimes takes time, involving layers of paint symbolizing layers of being that need to be addressed during this energetic journey. Eventually, an image or often an abstract representation emerges, marking the completion of the process.

An energy painting serves as a potent tool and remains with you for as long as you feel a process unfolding. Once the process concludes—whether it's a week, a month or a year—you'll sense it's time to part ways with the artwork. You may choose to repaint it, keep it, or let it go. Simply trust your inner guidance.

Useful Details


I offer paintings in three sizes, available in square or rectangular shapes:

  • 20x30 cm (or 20x20 cm)

  • 40x50 cm (or 40x40 cm)

  • 50x70 cm (or 60x60 cm)

All canvases are crafted from 100% cotton. While you're welcome to select the size, please note that the shape is determined by an energetic message.

Paints and Colors

I primarily use acrylic paint, often incorporating shiny acrylic colors. Additionally, if I feel called to do so, I may add glitter for extra sparkle.


When creating an energy painting, the colors are guided by an energetic message received during my connection with the person I'm painting for. Typically, I receive three main colors for each painting.

Order and Payment

The painting process typically takes 3-4 weeks, plus shipping time. I'm delighted to offer worldwide shipping, although please note that there will be an additional shipping cost added to your total.

Feel free to message me to inquire about pricing and shipping costs.

To initiate the painting process, a 70% prepayment is required.

Important Note

While Energy Paintings are indeed considered artworks, they differ from typical art pieces. The energetic process and energy healing infused into the paintings dictate their appearance, depending on the main topic intended to support you in your life. If you're considering ordering an energy painting, it's important to approach it without expectations or attachments to specific outcomes. This ensures that you won't inadvertently hinder or diminish the healing process that unfolds through the painting.

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